Supermodelme WINS at the 17th Asian Television Awards

Pioneers of Asian Cross-Platform Content, Supermodelme, wins at Asian TV industry’s most significant and celebrated event

Multi-platform Reality TV programme, Supermodelme, expands its presence in the Digital Entertainment arena with their first win; the Highly Commended prize for Best Cross-Platform Content at the inaugural Asian Television Awards 2012. Set to break the norm and open up a totally new multi-platform fashion entertainment experience, Supermodelme leverages on cutting-edge technology positioned to enhance the audiences’ television viewing pleasure.

The Asian Television Awards acknowledges the best of how television programmes embrace new technology, innovative thinking and creativity in Asian Cross-Platform Content.

“We are delighted by the award. This exemplifies Refinery Media’s commitment to redefine entertainment by creating hit properties for savvy technology users of the future,” says Karen Seah, Supermodelme Creator and Executive Producer.

With a 360-degree platform spanning TV, Web and Mobile, Supermodelme pushes the boundaries of a locally-made, internationally-recognised multi-platform television format in order to give consumers the best digital experience.

Demonstrating its strength in unique partnerships and cross-platform content, Refinery Media has announced its collaboration with Audi Fashion Festival (AFF) 2013.The exclusive partnership will not only give the audience a greater entertainment experience and a wider outlook on the fashion industry, but also symbolize the growth of the Asia Pacific region, namely Singapore as an established fashion and media hub.

Since its inception, Supermodelme has demonstrated immense success. Season 2 saw the partnership with key online media platforms YouTube Singapore, Xinmsn and the first of its kind in Asia with Foursquare. This media collaboration initiative saw Supermodelme tailor and specifically design branded fashion content that enhanced the viewers’ interactive entertainment experience.

On a regional level, Supermodelme is the strongest, home-grown format in the lifestyle, fashion and beauty segment. Internationally, Supermodelme has expanded its footprint by breaking into two of the world’s leading markets – USA and China – with the show’s multi-platform local production.

“Refinery Media believes in cultivating a rich exchange of leading-edge ideas through creative partnerships with the industry’s leaders. We hope our collaborations will continue to push the boundaries of multi-platform branded content and set Award-winning innovative trends that become tomorrow’s Media industry standards,” said Karen.

Hui Xian Wins Inaugural Sunsilk Academy Fantasia- Superadrianme

17 September 2012, Singapore – StarHub’s foray into reality tv programmes, the inaugural Sunsilk Academy Fantasia came to an end after 10 weeks of filming of 14 aspiring boys and girls last night at the finale concert at Dragonfly. The top three Hui Xian, Irwin and Chinese national Zhang Chi took to the stage to compete for the top spot. Hui Xian emerged the winner coveting the prize of a two-year singing contract and a recording album with renowned local record label, Ocean Butterflies Music. With a voice somewhat like that of Wang Fei, Hui Xian has worked hard to win the competition. has journeyed with the 14 contestants most of the season and we have to say that competition has been quite entertaining and it takes strength, passion and ambition for these 14 to do what they do. The competition has been a platform for the contestants to learn and showcase the talents. We have to say what we thought could have worked better would have been even more audience participation such as letting the audience pick the songs by voting for the contestants or even picking of which outfits the audience think would fit the contestants. Perhaps something for StarHub or the producers at Refinery Media to consider if there is going to be a second season coming up in the future?

Coming in second and third were Irwin and Zhang Chi. Irwin supporter and top 5th contestant, ET felt that Irwin has worked very hard for the competition.

Special Thanks to Author, Superadrianme