• Reality-based branded entertainment
  • Broadcast on
    • TV
    • Internet
    • Mobile
    • The Multi-platform production includes:
      • Episodes
      • Webisodes
      • Mobisodes
      • Gamification
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      • Gamification
    • SUPERMODELME is a multi-platform, reality-based entertainment programme that was launched in 2009 by Refinery Media. Broadcast on the Internet, Mobile and Cable TV, it features aspiring female models of Asian heritage, vying to kick-start their careers in the Fashion industry. Viewers follow the models through tasks and photo challenges that put their mental and physical resolve to the test. Each week, one model will be eliminated before a panel of judges until the top model is chosen out of the final three.

      Through working with regional modelling agencies during the audition stage, 12 finalists from all over the Asia Pacific region will be selected to take part in the competition over a 6 week period. The girls will be flown to Singapore and house under one roof for the filming duration of the programme. On top of working with leading photographers and stylists the girls will be given a chance to network with industry icons who make special appearances in each episode. The series will take viewers through the journey of contestants, leading up to the finale episode.

      Aside from the typical formula of having contestants live together, undertake challenges and face elimination, SUPERMODELME focuses on drawing out the go getter spirit of the models by putting them through sport related tasks. Past contestants have come away with valuable experiences, a stronger portfolio and a platform to launch their careers further.

      Season 1 of SUPERMODELME graduated from an online reality series to television and was eventually picked up by AXN, where it was aired in 27 countries.

      Season 2 builds on the programme’s debut success. The 30-minute format delves further into the larger-than-life intrigues of the modeling industry, capturing every moment from its backstage rivalries to its action-packed highs. Expanding beyond its web-based inception, Season 2 showcased a new mix of local and international shooting locales, greater brand integrations, and new viewer interactions.

      Since 2010, the programme features exclusive Hyperspot technology that directs traffic on the programme’s web portal to partner sites for purchase information and retail conversion. In the same year, Refinery Media also managed to up-a-notch in the social networking realms and inked a partnership with popular location-based application Foursquare, the first in Asia to do so.

      Expanding Supermodelme’s presence in the Global media market, Refinery Media has since launched a creative collaboration with key Social Media Company Google- YouTube (in September 2011), signed a collaborative deal with Audi Fashion Festival for season 4 on top of many other highly acclaimed global names.

      With three successful seasons under its belt, Supermodelme has been distributed to two of the world’s leading markets, USA & China through (USA) & Sohu & Qiyi (China), and is in talks with several territories, such as Vietnam and Iran, to adopt localized versions of the programme.

      The International Emmy Award nominated reality-TV show will make a dramatic fourth season return with a bold and new creative partnership with leading regional entertainment channel, DIVA Universal, on top of retaining their invaluable partnership with Singapore-based free-to-air channel, MediaCorp’s Channel 5.

      Season 4’s tri-party co-production deal will bring forth the best in reality television that is proud to be trailblazing in Asia. Airing on both MediaCorp Channel 5 and DIVA Universal, the much-anticipated fourth season of SUPERMODELME will push the boundaries of reality television even further with a transmedia storytelling experience through a combination of high fashion, aggro sports and gamification.

    Season 3


    Season 3 saw more action as contestants are pushed to their limits undergoing demanding new-fangled challenges, uncomfortable situations and facing fears they never thought they would, all while having to maintain the composure of a model. Designed to break barriers and fears with extreme challenges, Season 3 proved to be a test of mind, body and fashion industry survival.

    The program’s variety increased – with a new combination of contestants of local and mixed heritage, a stellar cast of international celebrity hosts, guests and judges. The themes of each challenge enthralled viewers as contestants faced their fears and were pushed to build resilience in both heart and mind.

    Season 3 featured new collaborations, greater integration, and more familiar international industry experts to judge and mentor the contestants throughout the challenging tasks aimed at helping the models compete in an international arena. Special appearances by international celebrities such as Qi Qi, Dominic Lau, Ana Rivera, Ase Wang and Utt along with other well-known established stylists, photographers and makeup artists, were present throughout the season.

    Through the integration of new and emerging technologies, Supermodelme has redefined the entertainment experience.

Season 2

Broadcast Details

  • MediaCorp Channel 5
  • Channel KIX
  • Channel KIX HD
  • SOHU
  • QIYI


  • Hosted by Charmaine Harn
  • Formats
    • TV
      • 12 EPISODES – 30MINS
    • Internet
      • 80 webisodes
    • Mobile
      • 42 exclusive mobisodes for StarHub TV Mobile
  • 360 communications
    • On-air integration
    • Traditional press
    • Live events
    • Mobile
      • Exclusive
      • On-demand
    • Internet
      • Hyperspot technology
      • Contests
      • Social media
        • Facebook & Twitter
        • YouTube
        • Blogs & blog shops
        • Foursquare
  • Brief
    • 12 aspiring models with Asian heritage
    • One model eliminated each week
  • Aired in 27 countries, including
    • Brunei
    • Bangladesh
    • Cambodia
    • China
    • Hong Kong
    • India
    • Indonesia
    • Japan
    • Macau
    • Malaysia
    • Maldives
    • Mongolia
    • Nepal
    • Pakistan
    • Papua New Guinea
    • Philippines
    • Singapore
    • Sri Lanka
    • South Korea
    • Thailand
    • Taiwan
  • Appeals to wide range of audiences
  • Successfully incorporated consumer products and services from
    • Fashion & Beauty
    • IT & Electronics
    • Food & Beverage
    • Real Estate & Travel
Season 1
    • Asia’s first online reality programme
    • Brief
      • 10 models
      • Countries represented
        • Singapore
        • Malaysia
        • Korea
        • Thailand
        • Philippines
        • India
      • Compete to be Asia’s next hottest face
      • Hosted by Charmaine Harn
    • Schedule
      • 20 episodes
      • Twice a week
      • Over 10 weeks
    • Broadcast
      • Started off purely online in 2009
      • Picked up by AXN
        • Aired in 27 countries
    • Formats
      • TV
        • 10 x 24 mins
      • Internet
        • 20 x 12-15 mins
      • Mobile
        • Exclusive content
    • Pioneered usage of tools in Asia
      • Social media
        • Facebook
        • Twitter
        • Blogging