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Refinery Media’s Global Co-Production Fund will support up to 50% of production budgets for projects exploring the use of Virtual Production in long-form films, documentaries, reality and scripted series.


We invite all filmmakers and production companies to submit your proposals to us. A maximum of 5 projects proposing innovative uses of virtual production in any long-form genre will be selected annually.


1.     Voluntary submission. You confirm your decision to submit the Proposal is on a voluntary basis. Refinery is accordingly under no obligation to provide any feedback to You unless You are selected for funding/co-production under Refinery’s Global Co-Production Fund.


2.     Originality and ownership. You confirm and warrant that the Proposal is your original work, and you affirm that you own the rights to the submitted material. You further warrant that the Proposal does not infringe upon the intellectual property rights of any third party.


3.      Grant of rights.  You grant Refinery Media the non-exclusive right to review and evaluate the submitted Proposal until Refinery selects the final projects under its 2024 Global Co-Production Fund.


4.     No obligation.  You understand that the submission of your Proposal does not create any obligation on the part of Refinery to use or produce the Proposal.


5.     Release of liability. You release Refinery from any liability for loss or damage to the Proposal.


6.     No compensation for submission.  You acknowledge that You will not receive any funding for the submission of your Proposal. Any potential agreement between You and Refinery regarding the Proposal, and any potential funding for such Proposal, would be set forth in a future separate written agreement.


7.     Co-production agreement.  You agree to negotiate in good faith a co-production agreement should Refinery express interest in funding/co-producing the Proposal.


8.     No partnership or exclusivity.  Your submission of the Proposal does not create a partnership or any fiduciary, exclusive, or other special relationship between You and Refinery. You are free to offer the Proposal to third parties at Your sole discretion.

9.     No Singapore Government grant allowed. This Co-Production Fund is exclusive. You agree that you have not accepted and will not accept any funding, grant, subsidies, reimbursements, disbursements or financial incentives from the Singapore Government (including but not limited to the Infocomm Media Development Authority, Singapore Tourism Board, etc.) in relation to the film, programme and/or series that you are submitting.


10.     Submitter’s acknowledgements. You acknowledge and agree that Refinery (a) may already be aware of the Proposal or may have already developed similar ideas; (b) reserves the right to contest the validity, infringement, or enforceability of any IP rights; and (c) may obtain ideas and inventions from other parties that may be similar to the materials You submit.


11.     Indemnification. You agree to indemnify Refinery against any claims or damages arising from the submission or use of the Proposal.

12.     Governing Law.  You agree that any dispute arising from the submission or use of the material will be governed by the laws of Singapore.

13.     Electronic submission. You acknowledge that the submission is made electronically and that electronic acceptance of these terms is legally binding.



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