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"Pommel" is an uncomfortably intimate, brutal yet poetic study in sibling rivalry, emotional abuse and familial loyalty.


Many of us may not compete in the world of gymnastics, but many can relate to what it means to try to thrive and flourish in a loveless, emotionally starved environment. And almost all of us can relate to their desire to be seen, heard and loved, almost at any cost.


The most compassionate aspect of "Pommel" connects to this deep, driving need in both brothers, though it is expressed in both through different routes.

Coming together in this mutual need forms the core of the main arc, and uncovers in both the deep love they long for and can offer one another -- one that proves to be the saving grace through a difficult environment.

East End 

Film Festival

Best UK Short 2018

Los Angeles

Asian Pacific 


Special Jury

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