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Dragon and forest scene created by X3D Studio’s Unreal artists

Refinery Media today announced the launch of its exciting new Global Co-Production Fund set to allocate up to 50% of production budgets for innovative projects exploring the use of virtual production in films, series and unscripted shows. This new initiative aims to democratize access to virtual production and provide creators worldwide with the support needed to bring bold, ground-breaking projects to life.


The fund invites global submissions from creators and will select up to 5 projects annually that propose innovative uses of virtual production in any long-form genre.


Refinery Media has partnered with its sister company, X3D Studio slated to open in Q1 2024, to offer state-of-the-art virtual production facilities in Singapore, a strategic hub with advanced infrastructure, a multi-cultural and diverse talent pool, as well as easy access to Asia.

Beyond financial support, selected projects gain collaboration opportunities with Refinery Media’s award-winning team of producers, directors, and storytellers, and access to X3D Studio’s tech expertise for executing next-level virtual productions.

X3D Studio at 25 Pasir Panjang Road

Karen Seah, CEO of Refinery Media, emphasises the fund’s mission to democratise virtual production access and empower creators worldwide: "We want to support creators in really pushing the boundaries of what's possible in filmmaking today. As creators ourselves, we understand the constraints that productions face. This initiative aims to foster an inclusive production ecosystem guided by imagination and innovation, and provides creators with the extra push to realise their creative vision.”


Myke Brown, Co-Founder of X3D Studio echoes the commitment to advancing content creation: "X3D Studio is dedicated to collaborating with filmmakers globally who are keen on transcending traditional filmmaking boundaries through virtual production. This is the future of content creation, and we’re thrilled to be at the forefront in Asia."


Suryahti Abdul Latiff, Director of IMDA: “We are excited to see Refinery Media and X3D Studio take the lead in this strategic initiative to foster collaborations and accelerate the usage of virtual production technology in Singapore and Asia. These efforts are aligned with IMDA’s commitment to innovation and industry excellence. We look forward to seeing more captivating content produced by Singapore’s media industry as emerging technologies unlock new capabilities of storytelling.”

Scene from a short film shot using ICVFX


Refinery Media’s Global Co-Production Fund is now open for submissions from creators worldwide. The fund is actively seeking innovative unscripted shows, documentaries, scripted series and films (any genre) to co-finance.


Applicants must have a minimum 3 years’ experience in long-form productions. All proposals must be original and have strong potential to be carried on any major network or streaming platform.


For submission guidelines, eligibility and timelines, visit: The first call for proposals will be evaluated by esteemed industry leaders.


Karen Seah

Tan Sian Ju


Refinery Media is a leading producer of top-rated reality programs, lifestyle entertainment shows and films in Asia. Headquartered in Singapore, the company is driven by a crew of seasoned media professionals and top creative talent. 


Applying a cross-disciplinary approach to all of its projects, Refinery has earned the company multiple awards over the years. In the unscripted field, these include Best General Entertainment and Best Adaptation of an Existing Format for “Asia’s Next Top Model” in the 2018 and 2019 Asian Academy Creative Awards, and Best Non-Scripted Entertainment for the first season of “The Apprentice: ONE Championship Edition” in the 2021 Asian Academy Creative Awards. Most recently, Refinery bagged Best Editing and Best General Entertainment Programme for “SupermodelMe Revolution” in the 2022 Asian Academy Creative Awards.


In the scripted genre, Refinery co-produced short film, “Pommel”, which won Best UK Short at the East End Film Festival, and the Special Jury Prize for Excellence in Directing at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival in 2018. In 2020, it produced a magic realism film, The Century Egg (皮蛋) which stars veteran artists Li Liren (李李仁), Elten Ting (丁也恬), Alex Ko (柯叔元) and rising star, Iain Lu (盧以恩).


In 2023, Refinery established a documentary arm and has several projects currently in development.


X3D Studio is a virtual production studio in Singapore housed in a unique 40,000-square-foot historical power station. With an experienced team of producers and filmmakers, along with a crew of talented Unreal artists, X3D will bring a wealth of production knowledge and creativity to every production it is involved in. Located in Singapore, the studio is slated to launch in Q1 2024 and will offer state-of-the-art equipment including the largest LED volume in South East Asia and studio facilities to support all forms of filmmaking. Our virtual environments are powered by the Unreal© Engine to provide dynamic and immersive experiences, offering limitless possibilities for bringing your vision to life.


In 2023, X3D Studio collaborated with Refinery Media to launch an ArtTech exhibition commemorating Singapore’s founding father, Lee Kuan Yew, called “Now Is Not The Time”, which showcased its first AI film and an entire futuristic city of Singapore created using Unreal© Engine.



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